inspire, inform, entertain

inspire, inform, entertain

Dream Take Flight To Be Released in early June, 2019


 Refusing to follow the traditional career path for girls, Lisa sets out to fulfill a promise she makes to her dying mother, disrupting the status quo every step of the way. When Lisa decides to build an airplane in the garage, her family thinks she has gone too far . . .

 A tale of courage, iron will and pure grit, Lisa Turner’s journey from dream to reality does not disappoint. It’s the great American story with a twist, and an inspiration to young people -- especially young women-- everywhere. ~ Granville Toogood, former NBC Today Show Producer and bestselling author

“Want a thrilling, feel-good read? Buy this book!” – Dick Kline

“Lisa takes us on an exhilarating flight through life . . . in a world full of bad news, this book brings good news and will leave you feeling uplifted and renewed.” – Kevin Murphy 

“In addition to a rip roaring, page-turning adventure, Turner gives us a road map at the end of the book to channel the passion and excitement that you will surely have when you finish the story – go start your own big dream.” – Theo Healey 

“Turner writes with poetic imagery and humility, fulfilling our longing to find meaning and purpose through self-discovery.” Susan Becker


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Lisa P. Turner has written two books and is working on a third.

Practical and fun to read books on team building and home improvement are already on Amazon. A flying adventures book is in process.

Dream Take Flight


What's YOUR dream? How do you get there? What are the tricks to managing time? How do you decide what to pursue? Where do you begin?

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