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Dream Take Flight

Coming in 2019

Since building and flying the Pulsar, I've wanted to write a story. I began writing snippets and thoughts during my Pulsar cross country, and then a series of articles for Kitplanes Magazine in 1997-1998. The experience was so life changing that I kept writing snippets until I had about ten chapters. Then I wondered if anyone would really be interested, and the project fell into the cracks between careers.

In 2017, twenty years later, I picked it up again, not being able to forget the lessons or the spectacular excitement.

I realized that the Pulsar story wasn't complete without explaining to the reader why I built an airplane in my garage in the first place. This took me on a wild ride through my childhood and school years, and through some of the careers I explored.

I have three reasons for writing this book. 

The first is to get the memories out on paper for myself.  The cathartic relief allowing these words to spill out onto the page provided both closure and appreciation.

The second is the hope that others will read it and decide to do something they've always wanted to do. It doesn't have to be building and flying an airplane, it can be anything they really care about. To this end I've included chapters at the end of the book to serve as stepping stones for others.

The third reason is to give voice to a woman persevering inside a man's world. A tomboy at heart, I never understood why I couldn't take shop class, be a mechanic, or build an airplane. Loving working in a man's realm was also populated with difficulties I never would have encountered if I hadn't wanted to pursue the unconventional.

I hope Dream Take Flight gives you an insight, a chuckle, or a big dream to pursue.


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