inspire, inform, entertain

inspire, inform, entertain

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Lisa P. Turner has written two books and is working on a third.

Practical and fun to read books on team building and home improvement are already on Amazon. A flying adventures book is in process.

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Need an article for your magazine or newspaper? Need a copyeditor or copywriter? Call 828-389-1567 for a a quote and a schedule.  Areas of expertise include home improvement, home inspection, work instructions, and technical how-to.

Dream Take Flight


What's YOUR dream? How do you get there? What are the tricks to managing time? How do you decide what to pursue? Where do you begin?

the essential homeowner's guide: House Keys

How to problem solve! the team steps guide

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House Keys: The Essential Homeowner's Guide

Team Steps Guide to Effective Problem Solving

Books on by Lisa Turner

Books on by Lisa Turner